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Nail Colour Options

Neon Nail and Beauty offer the following three types of Nail colour treatments

Standard Polish, Nail Varnish or lacquer this is the "air dry" Nail polish which we offer in OPI and Azura products.

Gel Polish this is the UV / LED cured or dried polish and is more hard wearing and generally longer lasting than Lacquer, which we offer in ibd and Azuza products.

Dipping Powder [often referred to as "SNS"] this is an acrylic product somewhere between  Standard Polish and Fake Acrylic nails. Using a combination of applied clear coats and a dipping acrylic powder, which provides the colour, which then has further clear coats applied on top which cure the coating to a hard long lasting finish, usually outlasting Gel Polish. We offer this in the Azura product.

See our Price List for all the options.

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